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MOBBITAT is carrying out research on new and innovative ways to interact with mobile tourists

31st Jan

MOBBITAT is collaborating with leading technology companies and R&D institutions in order to conceptualize, design and implement an innovative cloud-based Destiny Management System (DMS) for the tourism industry. MOBBITAT is carrrying out research on new and innovative ways to interacti with mobile tourists by leveraging emerging technologies such as object tagging, mobile payments or mobile commerce.

Mobile solutions will be a key enabling technology for the tourism sector in the future enabling new and attractive ways for destinies to interact with mobile tourists. This project will allow us to design and implement new mobile tools and helps us stay at the forefront of mobile tourism.

Since its launch Mobbitat has focused on tourism as a key industry for mobile technologies. In 2012, Mobbitat launched a mobile publishing platform for hotels and restaurants called BE HOTELS & RESTAURANTS, regarded as one of the …