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Tablet fleet management: Control and monitor a tablet fleet

Mobbitat has developed an innovative technology which allows hoteles, pubs, restaurants and other businesses to offer Android tablets to their clients diminishing theft risks while controlling and managing applications and Web navitation. The technology helps businesses rent or lend “kiosk mode” tablets, avoiding an inadequate use of them and avoiding theft. The technology includes the following features:

Automatic blocking: The device can be blocked when travelling across Wifi boundaries. A list of allowed Wifi zones can be configured so that device stops working when the software automatically detects they have moved outside these zones.
Start page customization. The start page can be customized using personalized designs, buttons, icons or ads.
URLs blocking. Create and monitor a black list for URLs.
App blocking. The usage of apps can be customized selecting which apps are accesible and which are not.
Selection of the start page for web navigation.

The technology helps bars, restaurants, hotels and other businesses give their clients a tablet to read one or several newspapers avoiding the expensive subscriptions to this media. The tablet configuration is protected so that the reader cannot make any change.

Currently, we are collaborating with a leader digital newspaper which is distributing these tablets among its corporate subscribers. This distribution model allows the newspaper to generate relevant traffic to its Web sites, increase their advertising revenues as well as increasing loyalty among its readers base.

Contact us if you need more information about this solution:  mobbitat [at]

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