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E-COMMERCE SITES Take a look at our proposal for e-commerce sites!.

Specially designed for industries such as FMCG, food, retail, sports…

  • A NEW VEHICLE TO RELATE TO YOUR CLIENTS.The mobile channel is a new way for you to be in constant contact with your clients that works differently to other digital channels (the web, social networks, etc.). That’s why you need new marketing tools. Mobbitat Mobile BC2 is a powerful platform to get the most of the mobile channel and provides SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGES
    Communicate directly with you clients at any time via mobile phone.
    A simple interface to deliver your messages
    Access your clients in any place, time or situation.

    Use the new channel to:

    • Accelerate the introduction of new products into the market
    • Increase product sales to a high-end market segment (smartphone users who are most likely to purchase sophisticated household items)
    • Generate a differentiated and sophisticated brand.
    • Know your clients better
  • 1. Pre-purchase

    Increase the attractiveness of your products
    By entering via QR codes the user can access related product information, find instructions for use and read other users’ comments

    Market new products
    By entering via QR codes users will be recommended latest releases, special of-fers or related products

    Know your clients
    Generate a list of all the QR code scans and product visits via mobile phone.

    2. Post-purchase

    Increase product satisfaction
    – Related information
    – Opinions and recommendations from other users such as instructions for use
    – Recommendations for similar, related or latest release products

    Accelerate and facilitate new product sales
    – Recommendations for similar (you might also like), related and latest release products.
    – Comments from other users about latest releases
    – Locate the distributor or shop closest via GPS
    – Send latest releases notices to mobiles

    Know your clients
    – Know what they look for, what they read and what they say

  • Our Mobile Cloud Platform allows us to deploy applications in a much more economic scheme than our competitors. Our applications can be deployed using semiautomatic ultrafast processes. Other developers carry out ad-hoc projects for your company making development costs increase.
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  • MOBBITAT BRAND consists of two modulesWebapp catalog
    – Mobile web catalog optimized with specific product information

    • Model numbers
    • Associated QR code
    • Related information (instructions for use, etc)
    • Related products
    • Special offers

    – The URL for each product is linked to a QR or bar code for when it is scanned
    – The service includes hosting and specialized support for the Mobbitat mobile.

    Native Application
    – Allows the reading of QR and bar codes
    – Shows an interactive mobile catalog of latest releases
    – Access to recommendations for use and product related information
    – Related products (“you might also like”)
    – Reading and publishing of readers commentaries (access to social networks: Twitter, Facebook)
    – Sending of latest releases and offers via notifications (push type messages)
    – The app will be distributed to shops for Apple, Android and Blackberry