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Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and, though maybe later, they are invading companies as well. Businesses are beginning to take advantage from mobility and have started to deploy the necessary resources to help their employees work from mobile devices. The increase in employee productivity will be enormous.

Thanks to mobile technology, common actions such as accessing to a product inventory, updating customer information, planning a project, monitoring sales or approve purchases can be easily and conveniently done from anywhere. These advantages require that companies deploy mobile interfaces and applications on their legacy information systems such as CRMs and ERPs.

On top of leading e-commerce platforms

Today, every user is mobile. But while mobile commerce is growing at high speed e-commerce platforms are still unprepared for such a revolution. Our platform builds mobile interfaces on top of third-party e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Prestashop giving your mobile users the best experience wherever they are. We can build your fully-integrated solution from scratch or leveraging your existing infrastructure.

The best mobile experience

MOBBITAT has developed a user-friendly mobile application for iOS terminals (iPhone, iPad) as well as Android smartphones and tablets. Our user-friendly mobile interface helps you show and sell your products to mobile users. Our front-end can be customized for a in-store and remote approaches, for brands as well as retailers. Take a look at our MOBBITAT BRAND interface.

A fast and reliable holistic solution

We help you deploy a unique e-commerce experience. Deploy a one-stop solution for all channels: mobile, desktop, tablets and in-store. We can build a reliable holistic solution in record time leveraging third-party e-commerce solutions.

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