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    Mobbitat Restaurants allows the expansion of the presence of hotels on the web through an optimized mobile website. Mobbitat Restaurants provides clients a new channel, a simple app and a multiplatform designed for mobiles. The web app also operates on tablets and all Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows de-vices.Your mobile website will be seen in ten different languages according to the cli-ent’s preferences.
    – Application ready in 10 minutes
    – A direct and effective reservations channel
    – You directly manage and modify your website for mobiles
    – Reduced dependence on online reservation websitesThe Premium version of Mobbitat:be includes:
    – Creation of your optimized Web App for smartphones and tablets for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile
    – Management panel available 24×7 to user
    – Can also include the following content:

    • Description
    • Images
    • Location and “How to get there” functionality through Google® maps
    • Reservations via e-mail, calls or links to the reservation system
    (in hotel and restaurant version)
    • Links to social networks and opinions
    • Call button always visible
    • Availability in various skins and colours

    You can use your Mobbitat Restaurants in the following ways:

    – Publishing a link on your usual web page that redirects to your Mobbi-tat® Web App. By indicating that this link goes to the mobile ver-sion of your website, your users will be able to use it when they visit via a mobile device.
    – Alternatively, you can embed code in your index.html website that automatically detects mobile devices and accesses your Mobbitat® WebApp. This way your website users accessing with mobile de-vices will open the mobile version of your website automatically and seamlessly.
    – And, of course, you will publish your mobile native app on the most popular applications market for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

  • Using Mobbitat:BE is very simple! Follow the following simple steps:

    1. Register on our plataform (click on the button Publish)

    2. Choose the type of mobile website you wish to create: hotel, restaurant, business.

    3. Enter the information for your business and upload any photos of your establishment you wish

    4. Publish

    5. Enter a banner or link on your website which redirects to your mobile website. We will also send a code via e-mail so your website will be able to automatically detect mobile devices

  • Hotels Restaurants Businesses(Beta)
    Precio 99€/year 99€/year Free
    Trial period 30 days 30 days Undefined
    Downloads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Own URL Own URL Own URL Mobbitat URL
    Mobile native application iPhone, Android, BB iPhone, Android, BB 99€
    Layouts and colors YES YES YES
    Multi-language YES YES YES
    No ads No ads No ads
    >Custom support YES YES
  • PARTNERSWould you like to collaborate with us? We are looking for:
    – Companies, associations or institutions interested in distributing our Mobbitat® platform through their commercial channels.
    – Development companies interested in using our Mobbitat® platform to generate end products for their clients.

    We offer:

    – Enticing rates for sharing income
    – Attractive price plans
    – Direct access to our team of developers

    Write to us at

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